Online Marketing Services

Straddling across various channels, our internet marketing services include SEO, PPC, Re-targeting & Display Ads, Comparison Shopping, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Engagement and more:


Our expertise lies in optimising eCommerce websites so that it ranks in the search engines for the key-phrases relevant to you. In the highly competitive eCommerce space, getting the organic rankings and sustaining these over time is a challenge. A challenge that we are well equipped to deal with.


We understand that as an organisation you’ll be concerned with whether your PPC campaigns are optimised and giving you the right ROI.

PPC in the eCommerce and retail space can get very competitive. With our experience, statistical tools and eCommerce specific optimisation techniques we ensure that you get more bang for your money.

Display Ads

Unlike PPC marketing where the main objective is to generate sales/leads, Display Ads have an additional objective of Branding.

Re-targeting refers to your ads ‘following’ the visitor who has visited your site in the past but didn’t transact. This too serves the dual purpose of generating sales and branding.

Comparison Shopping

Is your portal strategically placed to profit from the comparison shopping engines? We are digital marketing and ecommerce experts that help you leverage the full potential of the comparison shopping engines.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still considered as one of the best tricks in the world of online marketing. It is the 2nd cheapest lead/sale generation source after SEO. If done correctly your email marketing campaigns can do wonders!!

Social Media Engagement

Well planned Social media marketing can help you increase brand awareness, improve user experience and increase loyalty. After all social media platforms are one of the most cost effective sources to promote your business and grab genuine traffic.

Mobile Marketing

The number of users doing eCommerce transactions using smart phones and tablets is increasing rapidly. We can help you in optimizing your store for mobile and improve your customers’ shopping experience.

Affiliate Marketing

We can help you market the products of different merchants on your eCommerce store. We’ll take care of all aspects of affiliate marketing right from signing up with the affiliate networks to managing the product data feeds.