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VMOS is a fully Internet-based center school administration software solution with a user-friendly interface.

Software users have their own workspace in which they are notified of their tasks. This ensures that they are offered optimum support in their daily business, while no tasks are forgotten

The system can only be accessed by authorized users and can be utilized by any number of people simultaneously from anywhere at any time.

1. How will VMOS help your center

- Anywhere management: monitor your center and branches anytime from anywhere with Internet access

- Efficiency: get more done in less time as everything is centralized.

- Pinpoint notification: changes made are automatically emailed to affected students and teachers. Forget about calling up all students. Just click and students are more informed instantly by email.

- Role-based access: Each level of access gives the user different permissions to view or change your center data.

- Environmentally friendly: paperless management.

- Connect with SMS system

2. VMOS Features

Student Database: Student information is neatly organized, centrally stored and never out of date. Store phone numbers, addresses and the student's entire history within your center on one card.

  • Student's profile list
  • Photo uploads facility.
  • Add/modify/ delete a student's profile.
  • Import student data into system
  • Send a birthday card automatically.
  • Comments from teachers.
  • Easy marking of attendance.

Teacher's profile Management.

  • Teacher's profile
  • Teaching history.
  • Teaching schedule.

Connect with SMS system: Send SMS to single or group users or to all.

Send email to students or staffs in your center.

User management:

- Create a new user or user group

- Set privileges to users as per their roles.

- View profile of all users based on the roles


- Timetable of classes

- Timetable of rooms

Document Management:

- Edit/delete document categories created

- Manage entire data of the center

Contract Management

Partner Management:

Manage courses, class, branches:

- Centers list

- Manage subjects in each class

Human resources

- Manage all employees from admission to exit

- Manage entire payroll efficiently

Finance management

- VMOS automatically reminds you when payments are due so that you do not miss them

Statistics data report.